Baby Chick and Poultry Heating Plate

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Product Description

12 Inch Baby Chick Heat Plate Kit to ensure your chicks stay warm while they grow. Small brooder plate simulates a mother hen’s warmth without the use of overpowered heating lamps. These electric brooders also give chicks a better sense of day and night to reduce peeping at night. Each duckling heat plate set includes a 12-inch by 12-inch chick warming plate with a built-in 110-115V plug and four 9-inch tall legs. To use, install the legs and adjust so the bottom side of the baby chick warmer chicken brooder heating plate is near your newborn chicks backs, then customize to taller heights as they get older and larger. Baby chick heater plate is suitable for up to 25 newly hatched chickens, pheasant, quail, and other domestic fowl or game-bird chicks. And only uses 25 watts to operate cutting down on power bills.

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