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First Baby Chick Day

Posted by Elizabeth on Mar 1st 2017

Our first baby chick day of March has arrived. It is a happy day for me because baby chicks mean that spring is just around the corner. Whether you purchase chicks every year or you have never held one, I invite you to experience a first chick day with me.

I grew up on the farm, but we did not have chickens. The only experience I had with baby chicks prior to Duncan’s Poultry was looking at them in the tanks at big box feed stores. All of that changed when I experienced my first “chick day” at Duncan’s Poultry. It was spring of 2006. (Matt and I were dating.)  He led me into the feed store and before me were boxes and boxes of baby chicks.

Being new to the baby chick world, I just had to touch one. I remember timidly opening the box.

Inside were bright yellow balls of fuzz. I quickly shut the lid not wanting to be responsible for one escaping out of the box.

Matt came to my rescue. He opened the box, picked one up, and handed it to me. The sweet little chick was mine to hold.

There is one difference from that first chick day compared to today. Today we also received another sign of spring. Baby ducks!

Our first chick day of March isn’t much different from that first chick day I experienced. The boxes of chicks are stacked together waiting to be taken to their new homes. The chicks are loudly cheeping and I am happy because it means spring is almost here!