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Livestock Equipment

  • 1 Gallon Little Gaint Baby Pig Waterer BPW4

    1 Gallon Baby Pig Waterer Item #: BPW4 The Little Giant Baby Pig Waterer is the industry standard for watering baby pigs. Ready to use the day following farrowing, this reliable system includes impact-resistant polyethylene jug...

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  • 3-Hole Baby Pig Feeder

    3-Hole Baby Pig Feeder Item #: BPF3 An open trough works best for starting baby pigs on feed, and also allows easy removal and replacement of soiled or stale feed. This feeder features three feeding holes and is designed for crate or...

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  • Here is a feeder your Hogs won't Destroy!

    Brower 22H Double Door Hog Feeder

    BROWER 22H HOG FEEDER Model 22H single door feeder is constructed of heavy 20 guage galvanized steel for years of service. It has an adjustable feed gate at trough with fast feed flow, and a 1-Inch (2-1/24 cm) wide feed saver lip. Approximate feed...

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