Welcome to Duncan's Poultry!

Jan 31st 2020

As some of you know we at Duncan's Poultry are in the middle of a big expansion, as we are building a new state of the art processing facility for poultry. I'm excited to say we are nearing completion and will be ready for processing in April.

What is different about this new plant than our old plant? We have operated the current plant on our farm for thirty-two years as a custom plant and we have enjoyed serving our loyal customers over the years. The custom plant will remain open for business starting this year again in April. As you may know, poultry that we process in the custom plant can't be generally sold into commerce (like grocery stores, restaurants and farmers markets). The birds can be sold live and processed and taken back to your customers.

The new plant will be a fully State inspected processing plant where any poultry we process in this new facility CAN be sold to commerce anywhere in the state of Iowa. That is to start out this year. As we get later in the year we will be switching over to a USDA / State inspection program (see attached story about CIS) that will allow growers to sell their poultry anywhere in the fifty states.

We have been working with Iowa Meat and Poultry or IDALS on this project over the last year or so and they have been great to work with! A big thanks to Dr. Lang who has been such a great help in this process.

Our new plant will offer poultry growers many options in poultry processing services such as vacuum packaging and third party labeling. In the coming days and weeks I will be posting more information including pricing for services, pictures and videos of the new plant!

I want to thank all of our customers for all the years we have been able to serve you in poultry processing and we look forward to a new era in poultry processing for our growers and producers.