Duncan's Prime Poultry™

Welcome to the world of Duncan's Prime Poultry™! Homegrown poultry raised on our farm especially for you and your family. 

We have been raising poultry for ourselves for the past 35 years. In that time we have learned a lot about successfully growing happy and healthy poultry. Therefore, it is with great excitement that we are able to share Duncan's Prime Poultry™ with you!   

So, what does it mean to be Duncan’s Prime Poultry™?

  • It all starts with a healthy chick. We receive our chicks fresh, lively and happy. Our chicks are never given drugs or antibiotics. Our chicks are raised outdoors and indoors with all the vitamins and minerals that the sunshine and soil can offer.
  • It continues with on the farm processing. Once the chickens are grown, we bring them to our processing facility. That facility is not in another town, city or state but right here on our farm. Just a short walk from where our poultry is grown, they are processed. Therefore, there is no stress on the bird from handling and transporting.

From our farm to your table, we are proud to offer you Duncan’s Prime Poultry™


Call ahead to place a large order (712-644-2322) or stop by our country store and buy what you need!