Poultry and Primitive Museum


Welcome to Our Poultry and Primitive Museum! 

When we have a passion for something, it often carries over into our hobbies. Our passion happens to be poultry. Over the years we have been accumulating poultry memorabilia and then our wonderful customers started bringing us poultry related items. When we looked at it all together, we realized that we want to share it with our community. And so...the Poultry and Primitive Museum was born!

Some of the poultry artifacts showcased in our museum are incubators, a plucker, egg crates, feeders and waterers. Our museum also has a number of primitives. The primitives include gas and oil cans, oil lanterns, telephones, scales, signs, cooking and baking utensils and many more items! 

Our museum is housed in a replica gas station. The lights outside the museum are from Mary's Cafe and Home Oil, which was located in Norfolk, Nebraska and the lights work!  Here is a picture taken in the evening when the lights are turned on.


The museum is a work in progress with the exhibits changing as we are constantly adding to the number of items on display. 

There is no cost for you to visit the museum but donations are accepted for the upkeep of the building and the artifacts. 

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And now...because I know it is hard to wait...here are a couple of pictures from inside the museum.  




The museum is open during our normal store hours. You can also call to make an appointment. Our number is 712-644-2322.