Poultry Processing

Welcome to Duncan's Poultry Processing
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Custom Poultry Processing

Thank you for joining us in our 37th consecutive year of processing. Our Custom Exempt Processing Plant is state inspected and licensed. This facility is seasonal operating from the 1st Saturday of April to the day before Thanksgiving in November. Poultry processed in this facility is for home consumption only. 

How it Works

You will need to call us at 712-644-2322 to make an appointment for your birds. Please give us as much notice as you can to ensure you will be able to get a date and a time that works for you. Appointments for custom exempt processing will be Monday through Saturday with appointment times between 7 AM and Noon.  Please be on time or early, if you miss your appointment time you will be skipped over and become the last batch for the day.

Before Your Appointment

Please withdraw all feed from your birds 12 hours prior to your appointment time. Do continue giving them water. Please only bring us clean healthy poultry. Poultry that is filthy or unhealthy will be turned away. Please use wood shavings in the coop to keep the poultry clean. No matter what, do NOT give your poultry a bath before processing. 

When You Arrive at the Plant

When you arrive someone will meet you to help you through the process. We process your poultry while you wait. We welcome you to explore our Country Store and our Primitive and Poultry Museum while you wait. 

Cut-Up Broilers:

Cutting up broilers takes time. In order to help us stay on schedule, we will be limiting the number of cut-ups to 50 per day, first-come first-serve. If you would like some of your broilers, that are 5 pounds or less, cut-up please let us know when you schedule your appointment. Requests for cut-ups will not be accepted UNLESS they are pre-scheduled. 

A Couple of Other Things:

- Bring something to put the processed birds into. Coolers, plastic totes and brand new garbage cans work well. (We do sell a few things at our store for you -- just in case you forget.)

- For your convenience we do have ice available at our store. 

- We process while you wait.  

2024 Custom Exempt Prices

Broiler Processing Prices Per Chicken:

Whole and Unbagged up to 5 lbs. WITHOUT Giblets

$1.85 each

 Whole and Unbagged up to 5 lbs. WITH Giblets 

$2.00 each

Whole and Bagged WITHOUT Giblets up to 5 lbs.

$2.75 each

Whole and Bagged WITH Giblets up to 5 lbs. $2.85 each

Cut-up and Unbagged WITHOUT Giblets

$4.25 each

Cut-up and Unbagged WITH Giblets

$4.40 each

Cut-up and Bagged WITHOUT Giblets

$4.40 each

Cut-up and Bagged WITH Giblets

$4.45 each        

* Please Note: We do not cut-up any chickens over 5 lbs.

Large Broilers (over 5 lbs.) Bagged WITHOUT Giblets

$.48 per dressed lb.

Large Broilers (over 5 lbs.) Bagged WITH Giblets

$.48 per dressed lb. + $.15 each

Large Broilers (over 5 lbs.) Unbagged WITHOUT Giblets

$.40 per dressed lb. 

Large Broilers (over 5 lbs.) Unbagged WITH Giblets

$.40 per dressed lb. + $.15 each 

Processing Prices for Chickens that are NOT Broilers:

This includes: all laying hens, non-laying hens, old mean roosters, nice young roosters, bantams and guineas (WITHOUT Giblets)

$3.60 each Bagged

$3.10 each Unbagged

Processing Prices for Other Poultry:

Ducks: Whole and Bagged

$9.00 each

Geese: Whole and Bagged

$12.00 each

Turkeys: Bagged up to 16 lbs.

$7.50 each

Turkeys over 16 lbs.

$.47 per dressed lb.

***Please note there is a $10 Iowa Regulatory Compliance Fee on every processing batch, no matter the quantity being processed. 

Large Broiler WITH Giblets Example: If you bring in 50 broilers for processing, we will weigh them collectively after they are processed. So, let's say that your 50 broilers weigh a total of 332 lbs. and you choose to get them bagged. You will be charged 332 x $.44 cents per lb. Your total will be: $146.08. And if you would like the giblets $12.50 will be added to your total.