Q & A About Poultry

A Few Common Questions about Poultry Answered:

What is the best breed of chicken to raise for my family to eat?  

The Cornish rock cross also known as a broiler, is the best meat type bird to raise. Did you know that a Cornish rock cross or broilers will, if the right feed and nutrition is given to them, grow to 7 pounds in 7 weeks! Isn't that incredible?

What can you tell me about the red ranger breeds?

Red Ranger breeds take more time to grow than a Cornish Rock Broiler. The Red Ranger breed will take about 12 weeks to reach processing weight. It is also inconsistent how much feed it will take to raise them. It can take up to 15 lbs. One of the variables that affects the feed to meat conversion is whether or not the poultry is being raised on pasture. 

How much feed will I need to raise broilers to processing weight? Anything else I should know about the feed?

It will take about 12 pounds of feed per chicken to accomplish this task.Broilers do best if you feed them 20% to 21% protein feed in  a crumble form, after feeding them 1 lb. of starter each, they can then be switched to 20-21% Mash Type Feed or fed a crumble diet from start to finish.
Do not feed broilers less than 18% protein...not ever! Do not mix corn with the broiler feed, it will dilute the protein levels and you will have nothing but trouble! We recommend restricting feed at night after 3 weeks of age, the easiest way to do this, is to have your light on a timer and allow them 8-9 hours of darkness.

Can I purchase broiler chicks from Duncan's Poultry? Absolutely! We offer pullets (females), straight run (mix of males and females) and cockerels (male) chicks.

Can I also purchase layer chicks and layer feed from Duncan's Poultry? 

We can order most breeds. Please ask when placing your order. We do sell Hubbard Layer Feed.

What about other poultry such as ducks, geese and turkeys? Can I order these as well? Yes, but unlike the broiler chicks and layers, the hatch dates for ducks, geese and baby turkeys are limited. Please ask about these dates when placing your order.

I have never cared for baby chicks before. Can you help me?

Absolutely! Check out our Caring for Baby Chicks page. After reviewing that page, if you still have questions call us at 712-644-2322.

Do I need to heat my layer coop for the winter?

No, you do not need to heat your layer coop for the winter. The feathers of the chicken keep it warm during the winter. You WILL need to find a way to heat the water so it doesn't freeze. The alternative is to carry water to them multiple times a day. 


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