4 Hole Rollout Nest

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Product Description

After selling various nests over the years, and getting a LOT of feedback about some of the shortcomings of said nests. We decided to manufacture our own. After some research and development and in the coop testing, we believe that the Duncan's Poultry Nest is one of best out there, and it is the easiest to assemble. Here are the highlights of the these nests:
Made from galvanized metal that is thicker and longer lasting, than galvanized tin.

The hangers are keyhole shaped to make it easier to hang and remove for the occasional cleaning.

It is vented to keep the birds cooler in the hot summer months.

The rollout trays have a covered flap, to keep the eggs cleaner and make it easier to collect eggs, especially for kids, or anyone who is a little timid about reaching under a hen sitting in the nest

Helps cut down on Broody hens, dirty and broken eggs, and that chicken that pecks eggs is out of luck.

The perches are made from upcycled lumber!

They are a very attractive nest that will last a long long time.

Assembly. If you have ever assembled one of the other guys nests, you are going to be in for a pleasant surprise.....there are no nuts, or pop rivets, only philips head bolts all the same size! Every hole that the bolts go into is threaded. So you don't have to stand on your head to get that tiny little nut on that tiny little bolt, clear back up in the corner.