Chicken Dyed Easter Eggs

Elizabeth Duncan on Mar 30th 2021

Do you want to save time this Easter? Consider supporting your local chicken coop by buying pre-dyed Easter eggs. 

Last week, while I was filling the feeder, I overheard that chickens everywhere have been working very hard on producing pre-dyed Easter eggs. And just in time for Easter, the hens in my coop assure me that the pre-dyed Easter eggs are ready for the big holiday. They even showed me a basket of eggs full of the finest colors. 

Easter Eggs

As I marveled at the handiwork of these ladies, they preened their feather and they strutted around.

If you are curious here is a list of the colors the chickens chose to dye the eggs and a little information about why they chose those colors. 

The colors include:

Snow White (These are different than the traditional white eggs you buy at the store. Our chickens have worked very hard to duplicate the exact color of freshly fallen Iowa snow.) 

Muted Lime Green (This is a unique green chosen by one special lady in our coop. She tells me her inspiration for the color came from her absolute favorite snack, grass.)

Light Brown  (I know this may not be the first color that you would choose to dye your eggs but the chickens assure me it is the best color for a dyed egg. They made me try to guess why...I came up with nothing. So, they clucked and squawked and showed me...the brown ones can be cleverly hid blending in with their surroundings making them much more difficult to find in an Easter egg hunt.)

Speckled (According to the ladies in the coop, the speckled egg is the most difficult to dye properly. First, the egg has to be tinted with the perfect brown coloring and then just the right number of specks have to be added.)

Chocolate (My dearest friend, Henny Penny, being the most observant of all hens, noticed my preference for chocolate and decided it would make a splendid dye. Upon learning this, I made her promise that no chocolate was harmed in the dying process!)

I don't know about you, but I enjoy these beautifully dyed eggs so much. I did ask my hens if they could please continue to dye them even after Easter. There was a lot of squawking. I could tell they needed some time to think it over so I quietly left. Something tells me they are going to say yes.

Happy Easter from the Coop!