Gold Malrin 10 Pounds

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Product Description

Golden Malrin Fly Bait 
Fly Bait with Muscamone® Fly Attractant


10 LB Bucket!

The standard in fly baits for over 30 years, Golden Malrin attracts and controls nuisance house flies right down to the last grain of bait. The Golden Malrin Fly Bait two phase action knocks out nuisance flies quickly and effectively. First, Muscamone fly attractant draws flies in. Then, as they feed on the sugar-based bait, the active ingredient methomyl delivers the final blow, killing flies after they ingest it. Golden Malrin provides excellent control of nuisance flies for commercial livestock operations, boarding stables and other rural applications. 

  • Controls nuisance flies quickly and effectively.
  • Can be used daily where flies are a problem as a scatter bait or in a bait station.
  • Flies die rapidly after feeding on it.
  • Ideal for feedlots, broiler houses, livestock barns, dumpsters, beverage plants, meat and poultry plants, food processing plants, stables, kennels and more.
  • May be applied directly from the container or can be placed into a bait station such as the Starbar Fly Bait Station.