Barred Plymouth Rocks Pullet (Female)

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Please give 1-month lead time. To ship to your post office, the minimum order of a breed is 5 and the total minimum order is 25 (Plus $7 shipping). Orders of less than 25 can be picked up at our store.

Product Description

Barred Plymouth Rocks lay medium brown colored eggs and are dual-purpose. They are one of America's oldest and most popular breeds. These foragers are self-reliant, very quiet and friendly. As babies, they are black with white patches on their heads and bodies. When mature they are black and white barred in color. Male hackle feathers are used for fish fly tying. Their typical weights are 5 lbs. for females and 6 lbs. for males.

Safe Handling Instructions:

It is important to care for and love your new poultry, but you must also protect yourself. Salmonella, a common cause of food borne illness, can be spread by direct contact with animals that carry the bacteria.

Some Safe Handling Tips are:

  • Avoid contact with poultry manure. Adults should clean cages frequently.
  • Carefully and thoroughly wash hands with soap and warm water after handing anything in the chicks environment.
  • Do NOT nuzzle or kiss your chicks, ducklings, turkeys, etc.
  • Keep poultry outside, and especially out of areas where food is prepared.
  • Supervise children when handling poultry, and ensure they wash their hands after contact. Children under 5 years of age and people with weakened immune systems should not handle poultry.

Warranty Information

WE GUARANTEE LIVE DELIVERY ONLY! We will, at our determination, replace or refund the purchase price of all birds that arrive dead IN EXCESS OF ANY FREE EXTRAS. PLEASE COUNT LIVE BIRDS, NOT THE DEAD ONES! Under no circumstances will we be liable for more than the original purchase price. We have no control over circumstances, therefore we assume no liability for their continuing health OR for the health of any other poultry or people with which they come in contact with. All account credits must be used within one year from the date of issue or the credit will be forfeited. Orders being shipped will be placed once the payment is received depending on the availability of chicks. If events arise that orders must be moved, we will attempt to contact you by phone. A $7.00 small order charge will apply to any order less than a full box (100). WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ANY OF OUR BIRDS TO BE SHOW QUALITY.